The Event

Hard Facts

When: 8 - 11 January 2023
Where: Obertauern / Salzburger Land / Austria

What is the Snow Summit?

The SNOW SUMMIT OBERTAUERN (SSO) is a new, annually recurring event which conveys a Get Together on Snow. It’s an event with the character of a symposium with a focus on the future and development of the winter sports industry as well as tourism. Within a large circle of friends, we want to celebrate winter, tell stories, learn and experience new things, exchange ideas and experiences, inspire and get inspired … and be different.

In short: experience an exciting, productive and unforgettable time together, in the middle of our favorite playground - the mountains in white.

What can you expect in 2023?

Topics such as the future of the winter sports and tourism industry will be discussed during this three-day event, as well as current weather and climate issues, background aspects of science, risk & safety, equipment & fashion. Accompanying this, with technical and organizational support from the hosts, daily weather checks and background reports will be produced, as well as social program items. The publication of the content creation will take place via social media, TV and websites/portals. The crossover event will be underpinned by various lectures and discussions running parallel to the event. Further workshops in the mentioned areas, guided tours or equipment tests are also planned. In addition, the SSO offers a high quality expo and showroom presenting the most important and innovative products of the current and upcoming seasons.

What makes us different from other events?

  • 3-day event with representatives from different industries; no B2C event
  • Cross-industry use of synergies (e.g. tourism, winter sports industry, retailers, mountain transportation companies, media, ...)
  • Spirited and different - not a traditional workshop format We want to write stories with snow as our main actor!
  • A symposium about snow, winter and everything around. In the snow.
  • High media impact. Media representatives on site, broadcasts Europe-wide
  • We combine the best from everywhere - and are therefore not comparable with other, already existing, events in the industry